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i was walking with a ghost. [entries|friends|calendar]

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[10 Jul 2008|06:52pm]
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[30 Jun 2008|07:46pm]
meuugh :(
i am fed up.
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[21 Jun 2008|10:06am]
I'm back. Maybe in a big way who knows. Probably not, just feel I need somewhere to splurge again for a while. It's hard being back home, I miss Sheffield and the girls and feeling like I've actually got strong relationships again.
Plus at the moment I feel a bit resentful, a bit sad and generally melancholy; I'm constantly tired and feeling worn down.
I think I need a few good nights out.
I know I need a job.
And I desperately want a holiday.
Going away with Sam for a bit this week though which will be nice.♥ Then back to this very unproductive job hunt.
My mum's home today and I'm glad.
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[16 Jan 2008|02:26am]
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[12 May 2007|10:18am]

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[11 Mar 2007|12:41pm]
i needed that.

i'm pretty worn out from the past weeks.

friendship. i love the ones that come naturally.

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[13 Feb 2007|12:36am]
why do i actually want that?

and i desperately do. a lack of self control perhaps.

craving something new to drag me back to my feet.

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[21 Jan 2007|10:50pm]
second best?lol
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[15 Jan 2007|12:12am]
i've been so frustrated of late, with pretty much everything. i can't do what i want cause here's always something or someone in the way. allow angsty updates but argggh. need a new start. i've lost any originality, passion or general sense of self i had.
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[11 Jan 2007|01:11am]
i can't sleep anymore.
not at my house anyway.
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[10 Jan 2007|12:18am]
just cause you're out of sight you're no way out of mind. i miss you girls.
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[02 Jan 2007|11:24pm]

sharing beds
lack of sleep
deep conversation
little confidence
ibiza 06
too much food
amazing easter
needing my mum
a levels
being able to drive
the summer pact
forgetting things
loss of interest
end of school
reading festival
not enough gigs
car crash
close friends
new perspectives
red nail varnish
animal print
big brother
rachel's uni trip
wanting more
not going to uni
weight loss schemes
london pub crawls
did we go to amnesia?
summer walks
house parties
totally loving my friends
missing people
cooking food
cider black
4:10 train
work experience
actually revising a little
long trip to leeds
18th birthdays
quest for reading tickets
private jokes
marker pen scrawls
dixy chicken
new rave
broken social scene
gold necklaces
cigarette burns
arctic monkeys band in davids car
turning 18
luton town football club
allowing msn
nights with bob
short lived crushes
tanning moisturiser
summer ball
river drinking
new people
the ibiza drink mix
bob dylan tshirt and crosswords
fry ups in reading
rubbish shopping trips
rock and roll

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[28 Nov 2006|11:41am]
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[26 Nov 2006|06:07pm]
terrible, terrible, terrible. i hope she's okay.
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[26 Oct 2006|12:40am]
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[23 Oct 2006|12:59pm]
internet attack!
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[01 Oct 2006|11:14pm]
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[22 Sep 2006|08:55am]
you don't know how much i wish i'd gone to uni this year.
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[14 Sep 2006|11:53pm]
i wish i was one of those skinny girls that could wear baggy clothes that hang off you and still look hot.
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[24 Jul 2006|11:58am]
at the moment i have to fill my days with things that don't really cost money/cost much. it's alright really, picnics and river trips, friends gardens and sleepovers, glens vodka and lambrini. it's so five years ago but there's no problem with that cause we're having fun and that's what matters.
and with ibiza in thirteen days i've got further to go with my diet and need to have not asked my mum for too much money so she lends me more spending money. it's awful that i have to ask her for all of it, but on a selfish note, i'm so glad i don't have a job this summer, it would ruin it so much.
hopefully tomorrow we'll go to eversholt for a swim, it's outdoor and fun!
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